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How to increase referrals

  Internet businesses are built on advertising. Weather it is a personal blog, specialized internet shop or even your favorite porn site. They are all working their asses of to create appealing content just to get that precious traffic, to lure and to advertise.  

  If you really want to earn money online you will have to sell, weather it is your product/service or someone else’s.  And there is no other way around it. If you don’t have what to sell, there are plenty who would pay you for promoting their product.

  Say for instance CryptoTab browser. They want to grow as a business so they offer effortless bitcoin mining integrated into their browser. It is great, and it works. But the problem is, that without having a considerable number of active miners – it is just not profitable.

  There are several ways to promote and build traffic. Those can be separated into two main categories: fast and costly, slow and cheap.

Buying traffic is the most quickest way to start of your business.

  Let’s talk about slow and cheap first. Slow and cheap, well that just means creating your social media accounts and slowly building your following. Don’t be naïve like I was, it takes lots of time and quality content just to get people interested. And even if you have considerable amount of following there is no guaranty that they will like what you have to offer. So, it is slow and risky but it’s cheap.

  Ok so how about fast and costly then? - you say. Well that’s basically paying for your traffic. You have to promote to be able to promote, if you get what I mean. There are lots of companies which can bring traffic to your site but careful with those as there are a lot of them with fake traffic. You only want real people to see your ads.