Reliable Cryptocurrency Service List

    Although cryptocurrency is one the most successful technologies of the 21st century it is still in its early development stages. Hype and interest for this new gold mine is huge. It seems that everyone is trying to get a hold on at least a little piece of it.


    If you are new to crypto my best advice for you is to be really smart and cautious before investing your fiat money or time into every venture you might find.


    The links provided below are for services that stand out from the rest for their quality services. I do use them myself without any problems. If you find this website useful, please register to any service of interest by using one of the referral links. By doing that you will be supporting me for which I am truly grateful.


   When you get your hard wallet sorted out you can buy bitcoin with fiat money using Visa through crypto exchange services. These are the most popular and reliable ones that I use.



    Before you buy any cryptocurrency I strongly advise you to use a separate device or hard wallet to store your cryptocurrency. This is the single safest way to protect your investment.


   Here are two types of Internet browsers with different features. You can earn some crypto with both of them.


   If you are more risk-oriented, these gambling and gaming sites might be just for you.


   These websites are mainly used for building traffic to your website or affiliate links. Some of them pay you small amounts of bitcoin for clicking the ad links, other ones pay for adding advertising banners on your own website.



   You can get payed by watching  videos on



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